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10 Bet – Make a Bet and Win

Are you one of those many sports enthusiasts who just love watching their favourite team or player in a particular sport? If yes, you may be interested (if not have yet tried) to bet with your friends on which team or player would win in the specific sporting event. Sports betting with 10 bet is typically done by big sports enthusiasts but is currently a trend on most sports fanatics regardless of their status or financial status. Over time, this turns out to be one of the most popular types of gambling, which counts for millions, if not billions of money worldwide.

Sports betting online industry eventually experienced a dramatic growth right after its emergence started that coincided with Internet’s outset. Countless authorized sport betting websites are currently flooding the internet. One of which is the 10 Bet wherein sports aficionados can bet on wide array of sports including soccer, basketball, tennis, badminton, baseball, volleyball, football, boxing, table tennis, MMA, ice hockey, Rugby Union, Horse Racing, Motor Racing, Cycling, Golf and even Virtual sports, e-sports and many more.

All about 10 Bet

10Bet, founded in the year 2003, is a well-established bookmaker online licensed in the United Kingdom and Curacao. Aside from offering odds in over twenty sports, which is the typical array of sports betting choices, it is also considered as home to particular challenges that gives punters chances to punt even small amount but win enormous amount in return.

One of the hottest challenges they offer is what they called TotoPot, which is also one of the reasons why they have made their way towards online sports betting enthusiast’s heart. TotoPot can be best described as a network game, a mixture of the sought after gaming activities including multiplayer pool sports tournament and sports gambling. TotoPot network includes offline and online operators that provide a high level of liquidity and probability to win enormous jackpots. Totopot coupons often pop out, the majority of which features either high-profile football or European football matches. For as low as fifty euro cents, you can already pick an away win, home win, or draw in any of the chosen games.

Apparently, anyone can draw the odds in their favour and increases chances of winning a ticket through creating multiple selections between matches. Around fifty thousand euros TotoPot jackpots are assured each week. Moreover, you will undoubtedly get fascinated by the system’s numerous cool features. To give you a hint, players can see the most popular individual selection.

What Makes 10 Bet Stand Out from the Rest?

10 The bet is an online sport-betting site you will never regret to visit. From the betting option itself to the licensing, security, to banking practices, and on how the staff treats recreational and professional punters are all made into perfection.

Betting Option

Hands down, 10 bet has included almost every sport you have fallen in love (as stated above), giving you the opportunity to get into a wide variety of sports. Not just that, there is also live gambling you can engage in. Live betting is a comprehensive one, allowing punters to make a bet live for numerous events like Asian Handicap and Fixed Odds when there is a match.

Licensing and Security

One of the most common issues that surround online sports betting community is the existence of fraud websites that will take your money away. This terrified most punters to death, but it cannot prevent most of them to engage in sports betting (sure you would not even). To ensure that one can be safe and secured while making an online bet, it’s a must to provide the security and license. 10 The gamble has the license to operate, giving you peace of mind along the way.

Banking Practices

Banking practices also involve extreme safety and security concerns. Well, we are talking about your money about here. 10 Bet offers all the standard means of adding cash or cash on your online account. Depositing money can be seen as a natural and quick process.

Recreational Versus Professional Punters

10 Bet boasts its high limits, reaching a hundred British pounds just on a single event. But its high limits don’t mean that recreational punters will never find any place within. In fact, the consensus amongst the sports betting crowd fits more the requirements and needs of a recreational punter. If betting is just your past time and has no intention to spend a fortune on it, then you can opt to bet only one currency unite for one match.


10 Bet wants you to feel comfortable, thus translated their website into numerous different languages such as English, German, Greek, Finnish, Hebrew, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Bulgarian, Czech, Swedish, Romanian, Turkish, French, Polish, and Danish. Sad to say, punters from USA, Turkey, Spain, Israel, Hungary, France, Belgium, and Bulgaria are not accepted.

24/7 Customer Service You Can Trust

10 Bet is apparently working towards 100% customer satisfaction. Customer representatives are working around the clock to answer queries and assist customer’s concerns. Aside from the traditional email and phone support, you can also reach out through the Live Chat feature of the website. Simply put, you can expect assistance in a prompt and convenient manner.

The concept behind sports betting with sportsbook or online bookmaker is relatively simple. In every game, oddly makes sets odds or lines that will serve as the basis of every bets as well as winnings. This may appear bizarre at first glance, but you will surely learn it after a short exposure.

Although you are supposedly entirely aware that gambling is a risky endeavour, placing a wager at licensed and reputable online sports betting site relatively lower that possibility of losing your money from fraud. Playing online betting may be gambling that should be avoided for some, but it is undeniably fun and exciting. Not to mention the chances of winning massive jackpots! Some out there may ponder whether sports betting online are legal. Generally speaking, yes, it is legal. However, the legalities and the level of acceptance on gambling still vary from one country to another.