Basics about Tennis

Basics about Tennis:  Can anyone play Tennis?

Engaging to tennis is one of the most indulging and beneficial sports learn the basics about tennis. You know that sports help in making and keeping you physically fit and strong, in order for you to accomplish ad achieve your goal from your day-to-day life. In fact, tennis will not just help you maintain a healthy and fit body but also it will give you a fun and meaningful experience, especially when you are already good at playing tennis.

Because of the different experience that the tennis has to give unto players, it became one of the most played sports in different countries. It even became an Olympic game, which is being played by players from different part of the world. You can never deny the fact that tennis will always be one of the sports that can bring back pride and recognition of your country.

If you happen to be interested playing the particular game, it is important that you know the parts and parcel of the game, tennis. This will help you understand more and realize if tennis is the sport that you really want to engage in.

What is tennis? It is the racket sport, which can be played by individually against a particular single opponent or it can be played between the two teams composed of two players each. In order to execute or play the game, each of the players will have to use tennis racket that is strung along with the cord in order to strike a hollow rubber ball that is covered with felt around or over an net as well as into the opponents court.

What is the objective of the game? Its objective is to play the ball wherein the opponent should not play a valid return. Any player, who is unable to return the ball, will not be gaining a point, whereas the opposite player will gain. This only implies that in order to win a particular match or game, each player must make sure that the ball will be returning to opponent without an invalid return.

The sport, Tennis became an Olympic, which is played at all levels of the society as well as at all ages. Anyone can play the game, as long as he/she can hold a rocket. Even those who are wheelchair users can play the game.

Did you know that the modern game of tennis originate in England? Particularly, it originated in Birmingham, England in the 19th century, which was considered as the “lawn tennis.” In relation to this, the modern tennis had its close connection toward various fields’ games such as bowls and croquet as well as to older racket sport of the real tennis. However, during the late 10th century, the term tennis was referred to as the real tennis, instead of the lawn tennis.

From the few people who were engaged playing tennis, more and more people are being hooked to try playing this amazing game. In fact, over millions of recreational players play tennis across the globe. It even became popular being the worldwide spectator sport. Four grand slams or major tournaments were held in different courts. Here are as follows: Australian Open on hard courts, Wimbledon on grass courts, French open on red clay courts and US open on hard courts also.

The equipment used when playing Tennis

Tennis requires no expensive and lots of equipment, instead tennis was played along with the simplicity of the equipment. However, it varies depending on the type of players you have and the type of game or tournament being held. For the beginners, they will only need balls and a racket.

Main Equipment in Tennis

Tennis Racket

The tennis racket is composed of the handle or rip that is connected to a neck, which joins the roughly elliptical frame holding the matrix of the tightly pulled strings. During the first 100 years of the modern tennis game, the strings were made of animal gut and the rackets used were made of the wood having a standard size. The laminated wood-constructed rackets were widely used, not until the first metal as well as the composites of the ceramics, carbon graphite and lighter metals were introduced.

Due to abrupt change and improvement of the technology, the use of the metals have yielded to stronger rackets until the technology led the use of the synthetic strings, which match the feel of the gut with added durability. Several companies distribute and manufacture tennis rackets, so people can have the chance of purchasing and choosing the type of tennis racket they want.

See how the technology had benefited the field of sports, particularly in tennis. In relation to this, players have the increased interest in playing the game. Number of the people are encouraged to try to experience what has the tennis sport has to give to them.

Tennis Ball

Tennis will never be complete without the tennis ball. It is originally made from cloth strips sewed along with stuffed and thread with feathers. The modern tennis balls are made of the hollow vulcanized rubber together with the felt coating. Before, the traditional of the ball was white, but the predominant color has changed into optic yellow during the latter part of the 20th century in order to allow improved visibility.

For the tennis to be approved to use in a particular game, it must conform to certain criteria for the weight, deformation, size and bounce.

About the place where the tennis game is played, the game is usually played on a rectangular and flat surface court. The most common type of court is clay, grass as well as hard courts of the asphalt topped along with acrylic.

Knowing the basics and some of the information about Tennis, you can now be ready for your first tennis practice and training. You will also be more interested to engage in the particular sport. No age limits required in order for you to learn and enjoy what the tennis game has to offer to every aspiring players out there!