Best Boxing Fights

Best Boxing Fights Betting

Boxing is a sport in which two individuals who have undergone vigorous training faces each other inside the ring and fights using their fists. It has been a sport that many people love all over the world to the point where some people were even much willing to spend their money on betting for the best boxing fights. This is probably due to the fact that they wanted to show their support for their idol and they wanted to earn more money as well.

Now, going back to boxing, it is a known fact that people also spend their money just to watch the fight, especially those who have decided to watch them live. However, there are just instances where they thought that spending their money on it has just been a waste of money for the reason that they have been lame or too boring to watch. That is why the viewers have now become much smarter. They tend to select the match where they would be spending their money on as well as the boxer whom they would be betting their money with.

If you are an avid fan of boxing, then you might have probably been watched so many match already. However, it does not mean that you have seen the best ones. In fact, you might have even missed some of the best boxing fights ever and that is the reason why this blog post has been created. Below are the list of the best fights of all time.

Joe Frazier vs. Muhammad Ali in 1975

The fight between these 2 great boxers that happened way back in 1975 has even been included in the list of the greatest fights by Time Magazine. This was the 3rd time that these boxers faced each other and the Philippines has been very lucky that it happened there. In this fight, it was Ali who won via technical knockout and due to its popularity, it has been broadcasted in 380 locations in the Us alone plus 68 other countries worldwide.

Ken Norton vs. Larry Holmes in 1978

These two fighters have given in their all in every round in this one of the best boxing fights. Before, round 15 occurred, these two boxers were even in the eyes of the boxer. This means that the one victor would be decided based on how they fight in the last round. With that, both of the boxers have thrown punches with every strength that they have in order to win the match. Although Norton has given strong blows to Holmes, Holmes was able to recover and he ultimately won.

Surely, many people have bet in these best boxing fights. However, for those who did it, there is no doubt that they had a difficult time deciding as to whom they should place their bet on. This is because it has been a close fight between to great boxers.

How to win money from betting on the best boxing fights

Boxing is not anymore a new thing for both the bookmarkers and the bettors. This is also because betting on boxing has been popular for a long time already, which also gave birth to online sites that are intended for betting on boxing.

The first thing that the bettor should do in betting on the best boxing fights is to know the prime. The prime here is not the age of the fighter for it is the time that he has spent on the ring to fight. Apart from that, there is a need for them to determine whether the fighter still has what it takes in order to win the fight. One should also consider how determined the fighter is to win against his opponent. The track record also matters. This is because it is safer to bet in a fighter who has a better record in boxing. It would also be safer to bet in those who have more wins and fewer losses. Besides, the bettor should also consider whether there are certain distractions on the side of the player as they fight.

As compared to before, it has been much easier to bet for the ways to bet on the best boxing fights online nowadays. This is because online betting sites exists. Apart from that, they also offer things that make betting online fun. Apart from that, one could easily be informed of the upcoming fights as it is already posted on their websites.

In the best boxing fights betting, you would often see two things, the odds and the money line. These are the two things that can be commonly found next to the name of the boxer. The one with the + sign would be the underdog and the one with the – sign would be the favourite. The rule in betting for the best boxing fight is rather simple. Whenever you see the – sign, then it means that you need to bet that amount of money to earn a dollar on the other hand, when you see the + sign, then it means that you would getting that certain amount for every dollar that you have spent.

There are also bets in which the winner or the loser of the match does not matter. This type of betting is called the proposition bets or also known as props. It usually involves betting on how long the fight would be. To make things clearer, it only means that the bettor needs to bet the round when the fight would stop. Aside from betting on the number of rounds, some people bet on the knockout during the best boxing fights. In this one, the bettor just needs to select which boxer would win via knockout. Draw betting and parlay betting also exists.

Those are just some of the few guides that you can consider to win in your bet. Therefore, the next time that you are planning to bet on the best boxing fights, you should definitely remember all those things for it would surely help you have a bet that would bring great value to your money.

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