Bingo halls

Bingo halls or online balls?

Bingo used to be as much about the social aspect as it was about winning. All meeting up, down at the local bingo halls on a Wednesday afternoon was a tradition – a way to get people out and about, and to get locals in the communities all mixing, but with online bingo taking over have these lovely little customs been forgotten about?

I say NO! With the use of social media now interrogated on our bingo sites we can still have a gossip with our friends over the bingo balls, and with technology getting bigger and better as we speak, not only now can we type, we video call, talk over mics, send pictures! All from the comfort of our own home whilst playing a damn good game of e bingo!

Ok, ok, so it doesn’t get people out of the home, socialising face to face, not profitable for the local halls that run the games, and no jobs for those nifty bingo callers, but at the end of the day if its keeping the game alive, surely this can only be a good thing!?

A few years ago the mighty game got a bad rep for itself – only for oldies, that get nasty when a newbie wins a game; smelly dirty clubs where you have to be careful not to slip on a soggy chip, but with the game going viral online it has introduced  a new superior reputation with a whole new customer base – the youngsters that just want a quick flutter on the train journey to work, the mother at home who can’t leave the kids but wants a half hour to herself, the elderly lady who cannot get out of the house but still wants a natter with Madge round the corner. With this new technology, nobody has to miss out and that’s the joy of the online bingo sites!!

So even though we got some local bingo halls still going strong and good for them, I think that online bingo is taking over massively, and whilst technology is only getting bigger and better so will the Online Bingo world. So if you haven’t already why not ‘rise & shine’ number 29 have a ‘cup of tea’ – number 3 and sign up to a fab online bingo offer!

Furthermore, the answer to the question: bingo halls or online balls? There is no right answer!! As long as we are keeping the beloved game alive, however and where ever you want to enjoy a game, surely that’s the best thing!