Cheats for Hold’em Poker

Devastatingly Effective Cheats for Texas Hold’em Poker

Anyone who plays Texas Hold’em Poker game at some point will ask “How can I win this game consistently?” and will endeavor to look for elusive tricks and cheats in order to help their learning curve quickly and bring consistent success to their games.

The Texas Hold’em Poker game is relatively easy to be learned in a matter of minutes, but mastering the game can literally take a lifetime – a lifetime of tweaking, practicing and the actual playing time is also very important in order to acquire the necessary experience that will transform you from a new fish to a real winning “Poker Shark”.

Before looking at the most devastatingly effective cheats and tricks on Texas Hold’em Poker; that when already introduced to your game will give you significant improvement, you need first to consider these 3 very important factors to be implemented in your first games. These are the factors that separate the winners from losers when talking about the successful poker players.

Very Important Factor #1 – Patience

Without a doubt, patience is one of the most important aspects of any serious poker players should have. Professional or not, patience is highly suggested to be understood and implemented in every game. You’ll notice numerous new players who merely play to every hand that’s dealt, that’s why they consistently lose. On the other hand, the majority of the more experienced, advanced and usually the most successful players (those who consider playing poker as a source of money) are much more selective on starting hands they decide to play. It’s therefore obvious to those players that by merely having a good starting hand will drastically improve the success chances as it also increases the winning odds at hand.

Very Important Factor #2 – Reading the Opponent

Understanding and studying the style of play of your opponent is a kind of skill which again sets the good players apart from worst players. Players who have this ability are capable to adjust to other players they’re playing at the table. They have the “knack” for getting a read on the moves of their opponents, in this case, the faster the better. Once you can already identify the tight players from the loose ones, the game will become much easier for you. It is a lot easier to identify a loose player as they usually play many hand and occasionally be harder to take a ‘bet out’ of hand, one effective way to fight this kind of player is to raise the bets, or check raise, and see their facial reaction and movement. This is a guaranteed way to gain valuable information and effectively read your opponents style and mind. Loose players also tend to always bluff of the plating pots, while the tight players only tend to play hand if they know they can win.

Tell-tale Signs of Tight Players

One tell-tale sign is that tight players generally play a complete monster hand (also known as “the nuts”) in the early stages of the game. This can offer you an amazing opportunity to attempt and steal the pot back at the later stages of game by deciding to place a “big bet”. Or if you acquired the kind of impression that they’re trying to put in on the pot, then just raise their first bet and read their reactions. In this way you will have a clue as to what they have at their hands over yours, and if they don’t feel completely confident about their hand, they will most likely fold, but in case that they call you, especially if they made a very quick call, then it’s a sure-fire indicator that they have a very strong hand and you should consider pulling out in order to protect you chips.

Very Important Factor #3 – Bluff Mastery

It’s a common knowledge that any Poker game is all about the mastery of bluff, and in order to become a winning player in Texas Hold’em Poker you need to have this mastery. This is the very core of the Poker and the more you practice your skills in bluffing, the better and successful player you’ll become.

Most probably, you already have heard of the “Poker Face” expression, well that’s exactly what you needed to be in order to become successful. You should let your opponents read you playing style in order for you to be a better player. So, Poker is more on psychological game of emotions and whit’s.

Along with the 3 very important factors, the Texas Hold’em cheats and tricks will surely improve your games. So, as promised, here are the very important cheats, tips and tricks that will drastically improve your Poker gaming at any level:

Tip #1: Emotions

Emotions plays a very big part in the game. Before playing, you always need to leave them at your house, or always keep your emotions at check in order to become a successful player at Texas Hold’em Poker. Letting your emotions at the table is what they call “Tilt” and we all have the “Bad Beats” even at the professional, so if you feel you’re already full of emotions, then simply leave the gaming table for a while in order to gather yourself back. This emotion cooling off is very important until you controlled it. This will allow you to get on the game charged and refocused again.

Tip #2: Play a solid starting hands

Texas Hold’em Poker isn’t a game of racing, but rather a game of patience and skills, not a sprint, but a marathon.

Tip #3: Pot Size

You need to understand that winning lots of small pots is much better than losing a huge one.

Tip #4: Impression

Every time you sit down at new table, it’s very important to give a strong impression to other players, saying that you’re a “Top Dog”. This can lull other players into a negative sense of security and can give you an instant advantage in the game as they’ll be concentrating on observing what you’ll do.

Tip #5: Betting Frequency

You need to read the betting frequency of your opponents. Do not just try and take the pot without understanding and studying the betting patterns of your opponents. Observation is one key to success.

Use these cheats, tips and tricks on Texas Hold’em Poker game in order to drastically improve your winning chances. These are very simple to learn and understand, but needs enough time and practice in order to perfect.