E bingo

E bingo How to Play Traditional and Electronic Bingo

BINGO is one of the addicting and exciting money games that you can play with other people who are trying to gamble their luck. If you do not know yet how to play bingo but you are eager to play, don’t worry as you have arrive with the right site. In this article, you will learn the basics on how to play the traditional BINGO and the Electronic Bingo (E Bingo) so that when you visit any casino or Bingo outlet, you know exactly what to do.

Traditional Bingo

With the traditional Bingo, your primary objective here is to hit the Bingo Pattern that is shown on the flashboard. But first, you need to identify the kinds of Bingo cards that are offered with this type of bingo.

One-On Bingo Card

This card is the typical bingo card.

Two-On Bingo Card

It is similar to the typical single bingo card, but the difference is that it contains to different cards containing different Bingo numbers and series numbers.

Three-On Bingo Cards

Card that contains three different cards

Four-On Bingo Cards

This card has four compact cards for easy set up on your table. The two-on to four-on cards are also known as the multifaceted cards.

Once you have your card for the designated bingo pattern, the Bingo Host or Caller will begin to announce the drawn balls by the bingo machine operator. All the balls drawn are displayed on the monitor and being flashed on the Bingo Flashboard: this is the board that contains the 1-75 numbers of Bingo. Commonly the bingo patterns are displayed on the left side of the board and on the right upper part is the price for certain bingo pattern.

All you have to do is to mark the numbers on your card that is drawn and called by the host. Every game may contain different bingo patterns and usually the blackout or the coverall pattern is played as the last game in every session. You can mark the called number using a regular pen or bingo dauber. You should be careful in marking the numbers of your card. The reason for this is that, most of the bingo rules disqualifies a possible winning card if it is unmarked, especially that last number called or the winning number. This means that you cannot claim your price and the game will proceed to find new possible winner of the game.

You should also be attentive with the numbers drawn and called by the host as, “SLEEPER” Rule exist. This pertains to the possible winning card whose winning number is passed or a new number has been called. Being “Sleeper” depends on the player. The primary reason for this is that, most players tend to purchase many cards that they cannot anymore manage to mark. Also, remember that being a “Sleeper” can create frustration as you lose the opportunity to take home your price.
Shout “BINGO”. This is the very important rule in playing bingo. Once you completed the bingo pattern of your card shouting bingo is you objective. This will call the attention of the bingo “Spotters” to halt the calling of new balls. The spotter will then partially check your card if you really complete the pattern and you marked the last number called. It will then give to the “Verifier” to check if the card used is right for the game, and all the winning numbers and the last number called are present in your card. One it is checked and validated, that is that moment that the caller will declare a winner for that certain bingo pattern. You can then claim your prize at the teller’s booth or in the cashier’s area.

Electronic Bingo

If you do not feel playing the traditional bingo for the reason that it is slow and you don’t feel daubing your card, don’t worry as E Bingo can help you. This is similar to the traditional bingo; however, you are the only player in every game. E Bingo is the same with slot machine that you have your own machine. You will insert cash in the machine and convert it to credits. The credits that you have can be utilized for the duration of your game.

Once you have now the credit. You can select for how many cards that you can open. Usually, in every E Bringo machine there is a maximum of twenty cards that you can open simultaneously. You can reduce the card to one just by pressing the minus sign (-) appearing in the touch screen LCD. You can decide for how many cards you like to play for every game.

You can adjust also your bet. Typically the bet represent the amount of your selected card, you can double or triple your bet depending on your preference. If you are ready set for the game, you just press “Play” and the balls will be drawn automatically. The numbers in your cards are being marked automatically to form the possible pattern that you can win.

Take note that in E Bingo, your card can win different patterns in a single game. Every pattern that you form has its own corresponding prize. Thus, the highest winning bingo pattern is the one that is being paid out.

Additional balls can be drawn in your own discretion. Every additional ball that you open has its own price that will be deducted on your credit. The extra balls are offered if your car has the chance to win a highest bingo pattern or you are heading towards for a coverall pattern. If you do not feel to play anymore, then you can press the “Cash Out” and your accumulated credit will be printed that you can convert to cash to the cashier.

Playing Bingo is an exciting game that you can play for leisure, as you will not just spent your spare time excitingly but you are also entitled for winning fat cash. Therefore, what are you waiting for? Go to the nearest casino or bingo outlet now and try your luck.