Electronic Bingo

First Things to Know About Electronic Bingo

One of the best games ever created that brings much joy and big money to those who want to try their luck is Bingo. Thus, not all people have the time to play the traditional one, as it is very time consuming. Due to the demand of this game and through the technological evolution, electronic Bingo came to life. If you have not yet tried this game, this article will provide you information regarding the first things to know about electronic bingo.

Electronic Bingo or E-Bingo is similar to playing of the traditional one, but it has its own features and mechanics. E-Bingo can be played only using a bingo machine and only one player can be accommodated per machine. Most of these machines are touch-screen but can also be played using the manual buttons. The main thing that you need is “Cash” that will be converted into a credit once you insert it in the machine. The converted credit will be your money in order to start playing the exciting game.

On the screen of the E-Bingo machine, you can identify the things like:

  • The Bingo Patterns

Typically, the bingo patterns are located on the upper part of the screen. It contains of several patterns that you can form in order to win the prize. Every pattern has its own corresponding prize-payout. Coverall or Blackout pattern commonly possess the highest winning prize.

Rule: the highest winning pattern formed will be the one to be paid-out. Considering that, a perimeter pattern has been initially formed during the first draw of the game, it offers the player its designated prize, but if the player is eligible for another winning pattern like the coverall and the player hit that pattern, what the player will get is the prize for the coverall pattern, which is the highest winning pattern.

  • Credit

This pertains to the amount that a player can consume with the entire game.

  • Cards

The player is provided with 1-20 cards that can be played every game. The player has the sole discretion if he/she will open all the 20 cards or reduce it to a lesser number. Every card opened has its own prize; therefore, the credit must be checked first if it can accommodate playing all the 20 cards opened.

Rule: every card opened has its own chances of winning the highest bingo pattern- Blackout. This means that a player has the chance of winning the coverall pattern for every card open.

Note: the numbers in the card/s can be change by pressing the “Change Numbers” button. All the open cards will change simultaneously once the button is hit. The number of cards can also be reduced or added through pressing the “-“minus sign or the “+” plus sign.

  • Bet

Every card has its own prize, and that prize is called the “Bet”. For every bet, the prize for every pattern change. If the bet is on its minimum, the prizes of the patterns are also in minimum. Same thing happens if the bet is on the highest, as the prizes are also in high.

Note: once the player is lacking for credit for playing the high prizes, the machine will notify the player through the “insufficient credit” signal.

  • Balls Drawn

Electronic bingo machines carries number from 1-88 (for the standard one), while other machines can range from numbers 1-99. When the player hit the “Play” button, the game will commence through drawing the initial balls of about 30 numbers. The numbers drawn will automatically mark the numbers appearing on the card, to form any of the winning patterns. If the player is eligible for a highest winning pattern, he/she is qualified to open other extra balls, which is commonly 10 numbers. Thus, every ball to open will ask for an extra credit depending on the amount of the possible winning prize.

Note: The extra numbers to open does not mean that the possible winning number the player is looking for can be achieved. This means that it may or may not contain the winning number; therefore, interpretation of the possibilities or player’s instinct is highly recommended.

Some types of Electronic bingo machines offer a “Bonus” game. This happen if the player hit the corresponding pattern for the bonus. Since it is bonus game, the credit of the player will not be affected or reduce during the bonus game. Instead, the accumulated credit in the bonus game will be added on the actual credit of the player where he/she can consume.

  • Pot Money

Every Electronic Bingo machine has its own pot money. In order for the player to qualify on wining such prize, they must be playing for all cards open and the bet is on the maximum level. The pot money is the prize being accumulated for every game played by all the players under one type of E-Bingo. Every game takes its percentage being added to the pot money.

The pot money is different from the prize that is featured on every game pattern and it has no connection with them. The prizes that you get from your winning patterns are guaranteed pay-out. While winning of the pot money only happens if, during the first draw of the balls the player formed a coverall or blackout pattern from any of the all cards open, having the highest bet.

Considering that a player hit the pot money during the initial draw of the balls, he/she automatically takes the pot money. Thus, the 19 cards remaining will continue to be played for the highest pay-out or pattern that it can be formed.

  • Cash-Out

The player also has the discretion to continue or not, the game. If the player thinks that he/she is satisfied with his/her winnings, the player can press the “Cash-Out” button and convert it to cash or played with other types of Electronic Bingo machines.

These are the basic things that a first time electronic bingo player must consider. It is advisable that, for those who are starters, familiarizing with the game should begin in the lowest bet. This will help them to maximize the usage of their available credit. Thus, playing in all-cards open can increase the chances of winning.