Euro 2016

Euro 2016 (Football) Qualifying: Things to Know

For all Europeans, the UEFA Euro championship is the biggest football tournament for 2 years, since the last FIFA World cup. Often refer simply as Euros 2016 or Euro 2016.

For you to know this better, UEFA Euro 2016 qualifying football tournament was a football competition that was being played from the month of September 2014 to November 2015 in order to determine the twenty UEFA members men’s national teams joining the automatically best qualified hosts France in the Euro 2016 final football tournament.

This year, there are total of fifty-three teams from national who participated in this Euro qualifying with Gibraltar taking part for the 1st time. On February 23, 2014, the Euro football game draw took place at the Palais des Congrès Acropolis. Sides for this tournament were seeded according to the UEFA national team number of rankings, which were being announced along with the procedure of the draw and football final tournament match schedule after the twenty-three and twenty-four January Executive Committee meeting in Nyon.

What to know about Football Game Format?

All the members associations of UEFA are qualified to complete the Euro 2016 qualifying competition, with the co-host nation (France). The best third placed, group winners and the runners -up team along with the result of the game against the 6th placed team being discarded directly qualify to the tournament finals. The 8 remaining 3rd placed teams need to have play-offs to finally determine the last 4 qualifiers for the football finals.

About Qualifiers Seeding System

For the qualifying group stage, the team were being seeded into 6 posts, pot 1 to 5 would have nine teams and pot 6 with eight teams for the qualifying group stage draw, and this is according to the UEFA national football team coefficient rankings with the title holders in Spain that automatically seeded into Pot 1 with nine teams. Each nations coefficient ranking is being generated by calculating based on the following systems:

Twenty per cent of the total average ranking points per game match earned on the final tournament and FIFA World cup football qualifying stage.

Forty per cent of the total average ranking points per game match earned on the final tournament and UEFA 2012 qualifying stage.

And forty per cent of the total average rankings per game match earned ion the FIFA world qualifying stage 2014.

According to UEFA association, they state that nations with the biggest markets when it comes to contribution to the Euro qualifiers revenue would be best drawn into 1 of the football teams consist of 6 teams. And such nations include Netherlands, Italy, Germany, Spain and England. Also, they have stated in their football regulations that the groups drawn into the pot of five teams will have France that added to their group for the aim of playing national friendlies.

And for the system of play-offs, 4 ties are determined by the game draw, including the game match of each game tie. Each team are seeded for the play-off game draw depending to the UEFA national team coefficient game rankings updated after the completion of the football group stage. Also, these were best determined by calculating the following:

Twenty per cent of the total ranking points per game match earned in the 2012 Euro football final tournament and qualifying stage.

Forty per cent of the total average ranking points per game match earned in the 2014 FIFA World final tournament and qualifying stage.

And forty per cent of average rankings per game match earned on the Euro 2016 qualifying stage of the group.

The seeding system of this game was very important not only to provide order for calculating the average rankings of each nation, but of course to determine the score earned in the play-off as well as in the qualifying group stage. Added to that, the game would completely work simultaneously without misunderstanding about the results of the game.

Important Criteria in Football Tiebreakers

A series of tiebreakers are being used in the game to determine which two team best matches up in the Football Championship game. Final standings in each division are arranged top to bottom, in which the top football team in each division, thus based of course on the game criteria.

If there is two or more football teams are the same when it comes to completion of the group matches, the following tie-breaking criteria are followed and applied.

Position in the UEFA national team coefficient level system.

Fair play conduct in all group game matches including four points for a yellow card followed by a direct red card, three points for a direct red card, three points for a red card as consequence of 2 yellow cards and one point for a single yellow card.

Higher number of away game goals scored in each group matches.

Higher number of goals scored in all matches for each group.

Superior number of goals being scored in all matches per group.

If, after the criteria number one to four are applied, but still teams have the same rankings, criteria one to four reapplied exclusively to the game matches between the group team in question in order to finally determine the final rankings of the team. And if in case, this does not result to good decision among the scorer, it is possible to apply the other criteria.

Higher number of game goals scored away from home in the matches played among the team in question.

Superior goal difference in game matches played among those teams in question.

Higher number of game points earned in the game matches among the groups in question .

The qualifying for the Euro 2016 championships has produced some interesting clashes in France next summer. Also, it is the 1st football tournament (qualifying) right after UEFA announced its centralized rights deals for both FIFA and UEFA cup qualifying. So, if you are one of those who are interested in football for 2016, then get updates for its schedule and other latest news happens in this game for better sports events information.

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