Free Bets

What You Need To Know about Free Bets

Free Bets are bets in which the site does not require you to spend your money on it. It is usually given to loyal player or to first time players, depending on the site. It has also been a ways for such sites to gain more members who are willing to spend their money on the next bets. This is probably because they are given the chance to earn real money without them spending their own money.

What is it?

It is considered as an incentive given by the online bookmakers in order to encourage other people who have yet to become members of the site to join them. It is important to remember that as these were given for free, it is not possible for you to withdraw it. Therefore, the only way for you to spend it is by betting it. However, once you have won using it, then that is the time that you can withdraw your winnings.

Typically, the bookmakers would ask the new member to deposit a certain amount of money in which they would of course be provided with the free bets just as what was promised. In this one, the better needs to spend their own cash in order for them to be qualified for the incentive. There are also cases where it comes with free bet no deposit required. The latter one only means to say that all the bettor needs to do is to sign-up in their sign and then they can automatically claim it.

What are its types?

Stake Returned

In this type of free bets, when the bettor bets using the stake returned one and if his/her bet wins, then not only the amount for the free bet would be returned for even the winnings from it would be returned to the player as well. For example, you have a stake returned bet amounting to $25 and you won $25 out of it, then you would then have a total of $50. This is the reason why it is considered as one of the greatest freebies that a bettor could have. However, due to that, only a few bookmakers offer it.


With the stake-not-returned, when the stake-not-returned bet wins, then the bettor would only be getting the winnings excluding the actual amount of the stake-not-returned bet. For example, you have a stake-not-returned bet amounting to $25 and you have won $25 from it, then you would only have $25. Although this is the case, there are also certain great things about this free bets type such as the fact that it is usually available instantly.

Understanding the difference between these two are not difficult at all. Moreover, the things stated above only shows that the bettor would be able to get more money from the stake returned one as compared to the stake-not-returned one. On the other hand, it is much easier to find an online betting site that offers the stake-not-returned kind of free bet.

Are there policies involved?

Although these are given for free, there are certain policies that should be followed. For some, it is only allowed to be betted in certain game or sports only. On the other hand, with the fact that free bets comes with certain conditions given by the one offering it, may bettor are still into it. This is probably due to the fact that it provides people the chance to earn more money and increase the profits that they could have. Therefore, even though they are required to sign-up in which they need to provide certain information about them, they still go for it.

Are free bets worth it?

Yes. It is very worth it. This is because it increases our chance of winning more money. Moreover, most of them do not involve complicated processes and so, it is safe to say that it is hassle free. Many people have also received it and so far, there were few to no complaints about it. Therefore, it would not be a bad idea to get the funds that you need instantly through it.

What are the things that could hinder you from getting it?

Usually, these free bets are exclusive. Now, what does exclusive means? It only means that only the members of the site or those who have registered in it would be the ones who can acquire them. In some, cases, such bets are restricted in your country. Therefore, before even trying to register on the site, you need to make sure that the site as well as the bet itself are not restricted. Moreover, you need to make sure that you have read the terms and conditions of the site in order for you not to have any regrets later on.

How can you use your free bets effectively?

There are various of ways for you to use it. However, only a few would give value to it. One of it is by joining a bookie that allows you to bet in in any game that you want. However, instead of spending all of the bets that were given to you for free, you should bet some of it together with your own money for it is said to be an effective way of increasing your chances of winning.

Another method that you can consider by joining 3 bookies at the same time and allowing them to give you the incentives. Now, upon receiving it, you should choose the game where you would be spending it. Afterwards, bet all your free ones in a single game, increasing your winning chances. Moreover, by doing so, you are also increasing the chances of getting the best value from the incentive. This is because there is a high chance of losing if you bet in different games as compared to when you bet it in just a single game.

The things mentioned above are the things that you need to know about free bets.