Horse Racing Types of Bets

Get To Know Horse Racing and the Different Types of Bets and Races

Every horse racing fans and enthusiasts must know the different types of bets, races, requirements, as well as the implication on horses that will compete in them. If you are quite shocked to know that there are several types of bets and races in this kind of sport, then you should read on.

Every time this kind of sport becomes the main topic of the conversation, most of the people usually think of just one thing, the thoroughbred. But opposing to the misconception, there are several types of bets and horse racing such as steeple chase and harness racing. It is only that thoroughbred is the most popular type of race in this kind of sport. As a matter of fact, the Kentucky Derby is also known as the most popular and exciting 2-minute game in the world of racing and sports.

The Kentucky Derby

Kentucky Derby is just a piece of the 3-part grand slam of horse racing called the Triple Crown. Just imagine the excitement that can be offered by the whole racing game. It had tripled adrenaline and fun. The Kentucky Derby, the Belmont Stakes and the Preakness complete the renowned horse racing prize of Triple Crown. Up until this day, there are only 11-known horses that have achieved this very prestigious price.

For the record, the highest competition level for the race is the stake races. This kind of race is reserved only for the best and top performing horses, and even then, there’s an obligatory registration for each of the horses. The collected money on the registration will be added to the overall prize money. When the stake race is a kind of graded race, there will be a certain class appeal to it.

Other Types of Horse Racing Sports and their Criteria

Horses need to meet a certain criteria before are permitted to race. Some race may also require additional weight requisite for the better horses. This kind of race is referred as handicap race. The weight that is added is greatly dependent upon the previous performances of registered horse.

Sometimes, other races also require that the horse must be “non-winner of three”, which is referred as an allowance race. The horses that are registered in this kind of race are usually selected in order to be prepared for the better races. Most of the time, these kinds of horses go on to compete in horse racing events such as stake races and handicap races.

Another kind of race and the most common one is called the claiming race. Claiming race can be optional. Prior to the race, the horse owners are questioned to answer a specific amount in which the thoroughbred may be purchased or claimed for.

You can rest assure that the field used in those races are levels by specific requirements. Owners, will obviously not list better horses in a race such as claiming race. This kind of horse racing may only be a good option to train or expose the weaker horses. No one knows that the weaker horses might only need a little-to-live training in order to become a champion, along with the assurance that you’re ready to part with your horse.

If you don’t want to be separated to your beloved horse, and plan to list them in one of the races in order to see their performance or make them familiarize with the competitive races, the maiden race is the best horse racing event for this. This is a kind of race specifically designed for the horses with no record of racing or wins. The winner in this kind of race is believed to have broken for his maidenhood.

When to Watch and Which Race?

Usually, the race tracks hold 8 or more races a day, combining the entire above-mentioned races. It does not really matter which race you will watch, whether you lose or win. In the end, you will still experience the overwhelming excitement that keeps the horse racing fans and enthusiast for coming back every day.

The Racing Structures

Whether you just love to watch a good horse racing event, or you’re just looking to stake a claim at the track, understanding sport structure is a must. Here is what you need to learn in this sport racing game.

The entire horse race fall in 4 main categories: the stake races, allowance races, claiming races, and maiden races. Within those 4 categories, there are various classes, but here, we will focus on the 4 main categories.

Maiden Horse Races

Maiden horse racing features the horses that have never experienced winning before. When the horse gets its first elusive victory, it is said that his/her maiden is already broken. You also need to understand that having a horse with to winning experience doesn’t mean is limited to maiden race. They can still participate in other types of race, by meeting certain requirements and specifications.

The Claiming Races

Many bettors call this kind of race as “shopping time”, because the entire horses are up for purchasing or sale. Prior to the horse racing event, anyone with cash can possibly claim a horse. The process is very simple and plain to understand. If you have cash, and you are interested in a certain horse, you can claim it before the race. After the race, the old owner will receive the price, but the horse will be given to the new owner. So far, this is considered as the most active category in the horse race games.

Allowance Races

The prize money at this category is higher than the claiming and maiden horse races. The horses that participate in this kind of horse racing event will generally need to meet some non-winning conditions.

The Stakes Races

This kind of race is a big time event. Most of the casual racing sports fans and betters look forward on this kind of event. All kinds of horses, especially the best ones participate in stake races. Usually, stake races have the highest prize money that can reach up to millions of dollars.