Horse Racing

How to Effectively Win in Horse Racing

Sports betting has always been an amusement for men around the globe. In fact, horse racing is one of

the most betted games in the world since there is huge amount of money involved in winning. This legit

gambling activity will provide you with derby races and various ways to bet on horses. Apparently,

betting on horse races is never easy, but you will surely have fun once you get a deeper understanding

on how betting works on horses.

Going to horse races can be a lot more fun if you know what to do when it comes to betting. When you

watch horse racing with a greater grasp of its complete essence, you will certainly get a wonderful

experience. It actually doesn’t feel like gambling at all since it’s really fun and entertaining at the same

time. For some, they still have some quality time outside their home whether they win or lose.

Choosing to spend the day inside the movie house or a football game is typically more expensive than

going to see a horse race. In fact, access to horse track is usually free of charge while the minimum bet

drops at $2 on every horse race. Another great thing about this specific type of leisure activity is that,

you can even bring your drinks and other foods unlike in some football games. For those who are

looking to find an ideal yet affordable date, this is the way to go.

Horse Racing Bet Types

You actually have at least 2 categories in terms of wagers when choosing which pony you can effectively

bet on. It’s either exotic wagers or straight wagers, depending on your preference. However, for

beginners, it would be ideal to stick with straight wager first since it’s typically cheaper and simpler. All

you have to do is choose a single pony to come in 1st, 2nd or 3rd. Hence, the lowest bet you can make is

only at $2!

On the other hand, exotic wager will significantly allow you to make several bets on several horses

within one wager. This type offers more difficult chances in winning unlike straight wager because it

needs advanced skills in horse picking while being more expensive. Yet, wins in terms of money on

exotic wager betting are relatively greater than a straight wager.

In straight wagers, you only get to bet on a single pony. Hence, you need to consider the following in

order for you to enjoy more chances of winning.

 Win – You are actually betting on your pony to come first which of course will give you money

when you win.

 Place – This is betting on your pony to finish either in first place or second. Either way, you win

although payout is relatively less compared to win wager.

 Show – This will let you bet on your pony to finish in 1st, 2nd or 3rd place after the race. By hedging

bets, you get more chances of winning but again, payout will be essentially less compared to win

and place wager.

 “Across the Board” – This is betting on your pony to either show, place or win. Apparently, this

bet also refers to “Combo Straight Wager” since it has 3 different types of betting included in a

single bet. However, this is expensive since you have 3 bets making a two-dollar across-the-

board wager a six-dollar bet all in all. Bottom line is this may not be a smart choice since it is

very expensive, but will only give you less earning potential.

 Place/Show and Win/Place – In win/place, you literally bet on your pony to place and win. If the

horse comes first, you collect all the money but if it comes second, you only get the money for

placing. On the other hand, place/show will give you winnings when your pony finished at the

second place. However, if it finishes in third place, you will only win show money. This is also

expensive since you are betting on two winnings.

When it comes to exotic wager, you are allowed to bet on several ponies within one bet helping you to

get more chances of winning. However, this is quite difficult to win and more expensive while requiring

you to have more experience and skills in handicapping ponies. In fact, you can experiment with exotic

wager once you’re done some straight bets.

 Exacta – This is putting bets on 2 ponies that need to finish in first place and second place

respectively. For instance, if you bet on two-dollar exacta on ponies three and five, you can

potentially collect once the pony number 3 finishes in first place and pony number 5 places in

second place. This is very popular among highly experienced horse handicappers since payout is

highly profitable.

 Quinellla – This is betting on 2 ponies which should finish in 1st and 2nd place regardless of their

order. Your ponies must place in first and second spots in order for you to collect. This can be

similar to exacta although Quinella is much more expensive than the first one.

 Trifecta – You are betting on 3 ponies to come in the top three places in order, but if you box

this bet, you significantly get higher payout due to more combinations. Therefore, if you box a

two-dollar trifecta, you will get to pay for $12.

 Superfecta – This is betting on 4 ponies to finish the top four places in order. Boxing superfecta

will again cost you additional money, but minimum bet only asks for 10 cents that’s why it

appeals to more sports betters.

Bear in mind that using a human teller is better than an automatic teller since it is more accurate, faster,

and of course friendlier. You’re on the racetrack to profit making horse racing an exciting game unlike

other legit gambling activities. Hence, making or losing money can be related to plain luck that most

people depend on whenever they bet on horse races. It’s important to bring exact amount of cash for

your preferred bet in order to avoid getting carried away. Once the race is done, you are also done.