Olympics 2016

Olympics 2016 take place in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil

Olympic Games or simply known as Olympics are referred as the leading international sporting event that features winter and summer sports competitions wherein thousands of athletes coming from all over the world participate into different competitions. It is also considered to be the foremost sports competition in the world having more than 200 nations as participants. It is being held every four years wherein winter and summer games are altered through occurring every four years however two years apart.

And this year, there will be an Olympic game. It will be the 2016 Summer Olympics or officially declared as the Games of the XXXI Olympiad or known commonly as RIO 2016. This Olympics 2016 is a major international multi-sport event which will take place in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. It will be from August 5 until August 21, 2016. Sets of medals and record numbers for the participating countries are waiting into the games.

There would be more than thousands of athletes coming from 206 National Olympic Committees and it would include South Sudan and Kosovo for the first time. The two countries are to take part in Olympics 2016 for the very first time. There will also be 306 sets of medals and the games are to feature 28 Olympic sports. Golf and rugby sevens are now added by the International Olympic Committee in 2009.

Olympics 2016 is to take place within 33 venues in the host city and in addition of five venues within the cities of Manaus, Brasilia, Salvador, Belo Horizonte and Sao Paulo. Rio de Janeiro was announced to be the host city at the 121st IOC Session happened in Copenhagen, Denmark last October 2, 2009.

Some other finalists as host city include Chicago in US, Madrid in Spain and Tokyo in Japan. Rio de Janeiro will be the very first South American city that will be the host of the Summer Olympics at the same time the first in Southern Hemisphere in 2000 and the second city of Latin America after Mexico City in 1968. And this will also be the third time wherein Olympics are held into a developing country wherein the first was during 1968 in Mexico and the second was in South Korea in 1988.

Games in Olympics 2016

There will be an opening ceremony on August 5, 2016 that will happen in Maracanã Stadium. And the Olympic for this year will feature 28 sports and also a total of 41 disciplines and 306 events. Here are the included sports in Olympics 2016:

Aquatics including diving, swimming, water polo and synchronized swimming






Cycling including BMX, road, track and mountain biking

Canoeing including sprint and slalom

Equestrian includes eventing, dressage and jumping

Field Hockey



Gymnastics including artistic, trampoline and rhythmic




Modern Pentathlon

Rugby Sevens





Table Tennis



Volleyball including beach volleyball

Wrestling including Greco-Roman and Freestyle


Softball and baseball were dropped from the sports in 2005 while squash, roller sports, karate, golf and rugby union applied to be included. The leaders of these seven sports held their presentations in front of executive board of IOC in June 2009. And in August, the executive board had gave the approval to rugby sevens or a seven-player version of the rugby union initially due to majority of vote and so removing roller sports, baseball and squash.

From the remaining three options, softball, karate and golf, the executive board only approved golf due to consultation. And the final decision based on golf and rugby sevens was made on the final day of 121st IOC Session last October 9, 2009.

Olympics 2016 Logo

Tatil Design, a Brazilian company, designed the Rio 2016 logo and was unveiled last December 31, 2010. This logo would represent three figures within the blue, yellow and green flag of Brazil being joined into the arms and within triple embrace along with overall shape that reflects Sugarloaf Mountain. Rio 2016 logo was also based into four concepts exuberant nature, harmonious diversity, contagious energy and Olympic spirit.

The logo has captured the vision of the host city and the Brazil in particular for these games. However, the logo was also accused as plagiarized from the Telluride Foundation, a Colorado-based philanthropic and from the Brazilian 2004 Salvador Carnival logo as well.

Olympics 2016 Official Mascot

2016 Summer Olympics and Paralympics official mascots were unveiled last November 24, 2014. Vinicius is the Olympic mascot and is being named after the musician Vinicius de Moraes. And for the official mascot of Paralympic would be called as Tom being named after the musician Tom Jobin.

Vinicius represents Brazilian wildlife and primarily carries the design traits of mammals like the sway of monkeys, the agility of cats and the grace of birds. The mascots are designed to reflect the diverse culture as well as people of Brazil. And the names of the official mascots were determined through public vote over two other set of names and the result was announced last December 14, 2014. The other options were Tiba Tuque and Esquindim and Oba and Eba.

On the other hand, there are also numbers of controversies that are associated to the Olympics 2016 particularly to the host city. Two of the main controversies are the water pollution in Brazil and the Zika virus as well. There is a fact that beaches in the host city are major health hazard which might pose risks to the participating athletes. And there is an outbreak of the said Zika virus in Brazil just early in 2016. However, there will be inspections of the venues first and numbers of strict measures to prevent any hazards to everyone.

Olympics 2016 is one among the most popular sporting events that almost everyone in the world knows. Almost everyone is also excited for the Olympic Games this year. And with that, every participating country is also preparing for this day and the host city as well in great preparations for the coming of participants for the Summer Olympics 2016.