Rugby World Cup

Lessons Learned from  2015

This is again the finale year for Rugby World Cup 2015 for another four years and although we are quite disappointed with the failure of the England on getting the championship, still the entire tournament was a big and magnificent victory. But what matters most here are the things we’ve come to realize with it. Let’s take a look on the following substantial lessons from Rugby World Cup 2015:

  • Pool-stage annihilation of the World Cup should already be forgotten

With the refreshing and competitive tournament, Japan amazed the whole rugby Fanatics since they triumphantly win over Ireland and Springbooks. Argentina blown away these two teams during the quarter-finals but nobody is being humiliate when they went home. Of course, for England we can technically say that they are already in their home land.

Moreover, South Africa group again when they lose on Japan which place 64 points passing America which is considered as one of the largest victory margin this 2015 tournament.

  • Welshman Shane William is a superstar in Japan

Rugby fans from Japan is been treated as the greatest shock of World Cup history previously however, prior on the opening of Wales clash along with Cardiff’s Millennium Stadium of Uruguay, a follower of Cherry Blossoms do received a fabulous and out of the blue bonus.

  • Fans of Rugby World Cup 2015 could make the train of United Kingdom little bit of bearable

There’s an Irish fan reportedly found her luggage compartment overhead more convenient in their journey right from Cardiff down to Paddington.

  • La Marseillaise still rules

La Marseillaise anthem is rousing and scary enough however, conventionally its discomforting effect for the New Zealand people who were that moment were dressed purely in black.

If you are a fanatic of the World Cup, perhaps you know that it only have one big winner. But that is not basically until Russia obtained their Rugby altogether.

  • Julia Savea as Jonah Lomu v.2.0

The World Cup serves as the way to find the new version of the mighty Jonah Lomu, Julia Savea who have similar weight and height with the former. Savea turned everything into a wrecking ball right with his second try on French on Cardiff.

  • All Blacks were the supreme leaders of offload

It is indeed a pretty scenario to watch for how All Blacks hit their luck and victory.

  • Diego Maradona is also a fan of Rugby?

One of the most-sought after footballer of all times, Diego Maradona is caught watching this emotional of the Argentina during semi-finals.

  • Fame of Rugby is increasing right now

According to reports and researchers , there are 25 million TV viewers from Japan in Samoa v Japan. Well, it is quite known as the largest TV audience tune domestically in a certain rugby match.

  • Disciplinary process of the World Cup is flawed

This 2015 World Cup is outstanding. Right from execution and demonstration of the power of Japan in sport battlefield, it is also a great success for the growth of the game. But then, the World rugby is a great spoiler of the moment. Unfair, inconsistent, unusual as well as confusing ruling of the tournament, which players banned or cited, do place a downer for tournament in some instances.

  • James Haskell never have sense of timing

With the social media guidelines of RFU, “The Brand” or known as James Haskell and obtained selfie he took with the former players in the Twitter.

  • Winning World Cup is more than about world cup defense

Though they are known as the “Pool of Death” as well as the inquiry list which is about 67% of the whole population of Welsh nation, this conceded Wales by three tries in the World Cup.

Such epic fail circumstance didn’t allow Australian to cross but instead gave way for South Africa additional 4 minutes right after the amazing Ball skill.

Among the 10 nations, which communicated their formal interest, numerous have pulled back their bid in the mid 2009. Jamaica has been the first country to pull back its application.

At that point, Russia pull back in February 2009 so as to focus on offering for the 2013 Rugby Union World Cup, Ireland and Australia pulled back in spring of 2009 on account of monetary reasons. Furthermore, Scotland pulled back in April 2009 after they were not ready to secure their co-facilitating accomplices for the competition.

Wales was the last nation to haul out authoritatively, as they neglected to present an offer by May 8, 2009, notwithstanding, Wales sponsored the offer of England, and a few recreations will be played in the Millennium Stadium of Cardiff.

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