Sky Bet Grand National

The Rules of Sky Bet Grand National 

The Sky Bet Grand National is one of the biggest races in the world wherein people can place their bet through an Aintree showpiece. It has an estimated global audience of over 500 million that is considered as a well watched race. So, if you enjoy racing, the sky bet Grand National can offer you different horse racing bets all year round. You will have different betting choices when it comes to these big time races. Starting from the Cheltenham Gold Cup up to the Grand National, one will have the chance to win prices for leading contenders in every race. The Sky Bet Grand National will provide you rules during the race. This will help you understand the race better and you will have the opportunity to win the game.

Here are the general rules of Sky Bet Grand National

All of the bets are governed by the Tattersalls Rules of Betting. The rules will help in settling all of your bets concerns.

Bets that are settled according to the official result during the time of the weigh in. Some changes from the result after this point will not be counted.

The races will not be suspended on their official time and it allows the customers to place their bets until it is off.

The advertisement for ‘in running’ needs all bets to be on the flat races that are taken 20 seconds after the official off time and the bets for the National Hunt races that takes 45 seconds after the official off time will be void and deemed.

If the race has been declared as ‘in running’, all the bets from this race should be accepted unless it is placed after result is known.

When the race is “in running”, the prices will significantly fluctuate. In the event that the horses is no longer in the race for whatever reasons, those selections will be suspended. Therefore, the bets cannot be placed on those selections.

Any bets like Ante Post will be void if the race has been abandoned. If the race is postponed for the following day and final declarations stand, all of the bets will stand and they will be provided with the venue if it is not changed. If this is the case, then the bets will surely be void.

In case there is false event that result to a re-run the race, it is not considered as under starters orders and the stakes will be refunded from the selections that do not take part in re-run of returns to the remaining subject of Tattersalls Rule 4. The number of the runners will take part in re- run governs and the place of terms.

In case the horse did not come out from starting stalls and the official starter deems the horse runner, then it will be settled as a loser.

The void races and walkovers count as races. However, the selection involved will be treated as non- runner.

When the race is declared as no-race and belongs in the re-run, all of the bets will stand for horses and would take part in the re-run. However, single bets might be cancelled through mutual agreement until revised off time. The prices that are laid on no-race will still stand for the re-run race if there is non- runner. Bets will just be cancelled by the means of mutual agreement, prior to the re-run that take place. However, multiple bets will stand.

When you place your bet on horse racing, you will have the chance to select from the two available options in pricing. The starting price will mean that whatever odds you have in your selections and at the start of race are odds you will receive from your bet. If the betting is available during the race, your SP will serve as the last available in the odds for selection.

The board prices and early prices are both similar in its nature. The early prices are odds that are offered in horse racing during the event and are offered 15 minutes before the race becomes off. Once the time is out, all of the prices will be displayed as an alternative to the starting price, which is now known as the board prices.

Both the board prices and early price bets are accepted in non- runner no bet basis only. Because of this, the horses will be withdrawn under the orders that stakes on the selection and the bets on the other horses would be returned that are subject to the race and the deduction now is applicable.

There are further rules when it comes to selection of pricing. In Sky Bet Grand National, you can bet for two or more runners in the selection and trap numbers at the current board prices should be transmitted to the official information services of SIS and should not be from a broadcast source.

When there is an event of wrong pricing transmitted in your bet, it will be settled at the correct price at the time your bet struck or when your SP is greater. When the horse is withdrawn by Tattersalls Rule 4, the show price should be taken after the withdrawal of time unless the market has been reformed.

Lastly, if the horses are offered as price boost, you will be subject to Rule 4 deduction if there is an applicable non-runner in a race but if you are looking for your favorite list of runners in the horse race, the Sky Bet Grand National will provide you two extra available options. These are unnamed favorite and unnamed second favorite options. This selection has not yet been determined and governed by some rules.

You can also choose ante post betting, place only betting, reserves, betting without bets, place only, match bets and faller insurance types of betting. All of these betting has its own corresponding rules that you should follow in order for you to win the game. Following the rules of Sky Bet Grand National will provide you the assurance that you will claim your winnings once you win the game. It also serves as a good way to make the game fair for every betting.