Sky Sports Fantasy Football

Sky Sports Fantasy Football test your skills

In search of value-for-money game options? Sky Sports Fantasy Football promises a challenging, yet fun and rewarding game!

Heads up Sky Sports Fantasy Football enthusiasts because the time has come for you to pick your team for the next Premier League season. A big cash for grabs is offered for the manager that can be able to hold their nerve and outsmart their rivals tactically. Weekly and monthly prizes can be won, and players are given unique opportunities to prove they can be the best manager of Fantasy Football among their mates.

How to pick your team?

There is no involved complicated process or whatsoever, picking your team for Sky Sports Fantasy Football is easy and quick. The best things about the sport? Fantasy Football is free! Thus, you can win prizes without spending any amount of money from your wallet or bank account.

If you have already played Fantasy Football before or are a listed player of Fantasy Super 6, Six-a-Side, Sky Casino, Sky Bingo, Sky Vegas, Sky Poker or Sky Bet, you are not required to re-register. Instead, you can use your current PIN or user ID to log in and play the game. But if you’re a new user, you should register through a step by step registration guide given by the company you choose to register with.

You will then select around 11 players while keeping in the budget. Before the deadline of the match day, most companies allow players to make unrestricted changes to the team, which allows them to maintain their friends guessing, as well as the chance to a final moment curveball. As soon as you have chosen your team, you will be asked to name a captain. This captain will be held responsible for scoring double points – negative and positive.

How about the captain changes?

As have mentioned above, your team captain will be the one to score double points – negative and positive. Captain changes are recommended to do before the deadline of every Match Day to score points for the team. Meaning to say, managers can be able to make unrestricted captain changes in a game week.

What are free leagues in Sky Sports Fantasy Football?

In Fantasy Football, free leagues are the best way to play alongside your friends. This will help you find out who among the two of you is the best manager. When you create a free league with your friends, you can choose the length of the half season, full season and monthly. Companies also offer step by step guide to give managers the ability to make monthly leagues before the season through selecting the month the Fantasy Football league will start.

Bonus points

Another reason why increasingly more people involved in Sky Sports Fantasy Football is because of its bonus points. How to earn these points?

Player completes relatively 60 or more passes – 2pts

Goalkeeper makes 5 or more saves successfully – 2pts

Player finishes 4 or more successful tackles – 2 pts

These bonus points will be given based on the stats provider’s strict criteria. Goal assists points will be given to the individual preference and in the opinion of the judges. Assists are given to the player who delivered the last clean pass, rebounded or dodged the shot. However, points might be lost for goals conceded. Goalkeepers will score points for a drawback miss or save.

Some players keep on asking about how to win the Sky Sports Fantasy Football. Here’s a list of tips and tricks you can use to win the game.

If you’re watching the episodes of Fantasy Football, you will notice there are many simple, detailed steps you can take to exhaust the possibilities of becoming a great manager and winning the prizes. Some of them include:

Keep in mind that Fantasy Football is beyond a game, and beyond a title

Sky Sports Fantasy Football is all about the traditions players have built in their leagues. What composes the game? It is the inane traditions, water-bets, trade negotiations, player arguments and trash talk. If not expected, Fantasy Football can be one of some places where excessive energy, offensive behaviour and gloating are tolerated. What you need to do is simply enjoy the entire experience. By doing so, you’ll never lose even though you did not make the grade of the Footclan Title. Just do the viewers an extraordinary favour and win the title.

Continue buzzing

Yes, every start in the Sky Sports Fantasy Football season is exhilarating, but time will surely come when that first buzz becomes an absolute ball-ache, and you simply cannot be arsed to keep your squad informed. Every week, make sure to keep a keen eye on your team as it is one of the biggest things you can do to increase your fortunes. Always keep yourself updated with the scheduled match for the coming week, shake up your line-up consequently and set proper calendar reminders to ensure you’d not forget anything.

Don’t allow your fear to control you, take a deep breath

Nothing’s more frustrating than failing during the game after long hours of pain in the training or building your skills. Instead of losing hope, the essential thing to do is take a deep breath. This will lessen the panic you feel. Keep calm and stay the course if you firmly believe in the ability of your team. Also, you could do well from a few Sky Sports Fantasy Football teams that have a bad week and see if you can be able to get rash players for currencies on the dollar bill.

Trade master

Use 2 or 3 players to trade up for a player in a greater tier. Don’t be frightened to hand over the most value if you can acquire the best player. In the end, you will get the best overall player you mainly need. Higher level players will give you a positional benefit on a weekly basis which makes them more valuable. Go out and get your player.

Sky Sports Fantasy Football season is upon the players. Thus, it is the right time to check the above-mentioned tips and tricks to guarantee unparalleled fantasy team and win.