Are so wide and varied that there are plenty of options and value to be had for those gamblers who like to have a wager on the various sports competitions.

Bookmakers’ sportsbook, almost always include the popular sports such as golf, football, rugby, basketball, horse racing, boxing, tennis, cricket and baseball. However, Aussie rules, netball, Gaelic games, handball and cycling all feature in the major UK betting companies sportsbook and when you add motorsport to that category as well, which has many different subsections in itself, there is literally loads of things that you can be on the outcome of in the world of sport.

Loveaflutter takes a look at some of the major sports out there and what to look at in a sportsbook when trying to get good value and good odds for your bets. Horse racing is, arguably, the UK sport which is most synonymous with betting. It is as much an integral part of the sport as jockeys, fences and horses themselves. Betting on the Grand National – one of the world’s most famous races in any sport – generally exceeds the £150m mark as one of punters dip into the sportsbook of horse racing one a year.

However, for your chances of winning, the National does not offer the best value. Forty odd horses jumping 30 fences, many at the same time, offers plenty of moments where things can go wrong. You can, of course, hedge your bets by placing money on an each-way bet – a wager that offers money back if your horse finishes just behind the winner. However, for the real value it is best to study the form guide, study the ground and read as many tipsters out there to make sure your bets come in. It can take a lot of work but can prove profitable.

Football’s sportsbook

During the season, offers an almost hourly chance to place money on the outcomes of games. Many punters in this sportsbook will place accumulators – bets which require three or more selections to come in. Triples and doubles offer good value for money, but generally if punters go for the long shots – five, six or seven fold accumulators – one team or one result is bound to let them down.

In play betting is something that has massively increased in football’s sportsbetting over the years and offers better value for money as you can get a sense of how the match is going to go. In football there is literally everything you can bet on as well from the actual score to the amount of corners in the match.

Boxing is another sportbook that can prove very popular and with a sport that provides less upsets than horse racing and football, it can be quite profitable as well. Odds on the outcome of fights can be quite short, with only two competitors to choose from. However, those looking for value in the sportsbook can always try, like MUhammed Ali, to predict the round in which one of the fighters will be knocked out.