Texas Hold’em Poker

Texas Hold’em Poker

Texas Hold’em Poker is simple to learn but, due to its vast possible situations, it takes a lot of time to

master this game.

History of Texas Holdem Poker

This game originated at the beginning of 20th century and was first started in Texas and Robstown.

There is no evidence about the invention of this game and also nothing about its early years. But,

there are the evidences that Texas Hold’em Poker had remained in the boundaries of Texas until

1967 when it was only Hold’em.

This game was introduced in Las Vegas in 1967 by Crandell Addington and some others. It was then

described as the game of a thinking man and this was because of the strategies that this game

offered to play. Players have a lot of opportunities to show and enhance their intellectual skills and

this led to the success of the game. There was only a single casino named Golden Nugget where you

could play Texas Hold’em Poker at that time.

It is situated in Downtown Las Vegas and due to its sordid image it could not attract the high-stake

players. The game grew in popularity when a tournament was organised in The Dune Casino.

The introduction of World Series of Poker, which was brought by Benny and Jack in 1970, is known

as the big milestone in Texas Hold’em Poker’s history. It has been held every year since. The amount

of participants was small at the time, but it has grown massively and now thousands take part in the

main event of World Series of Poker.

Procedure of Texas Hold’em Poker

For beginners, there are two cards known as “hole cards” and the goal is to make the best five-card

hand. When the game starts, it moves in the clockwise direction in which the first action is to be

made by the person sitting left to the dealer button. A small blind and a large blind are posted by the

two players that sit immediate next to the left of button. It is done to initiate the betting.

What is button?

The position of the button indicates which player is acting as dealer. It is the rule that player sitting

on the button position or the one sitting near to the button who was also the active player in last

deal, will have to perform the last action on post-flop street.

The immediate left player of the dealer button will pick up the first card and will make the small

blind and then the cards are pitched around the table clockwise to each player until everyone get

two starting cards.

The concept of blinds

There are two blinds in Texas Hold’em Poker are the small blind and big blind. The difference in the

value of these blinds depends on the game or on the rules at particular place but generally the

amount of the small blind is half to that of the big one. The blinds or the force bets are made by two

players before the start of new round and these players are those who sit to immediate left of the

button. The main purpose of the blinds is to initiate wagering. If there are no blinds there will be no

need to put money. One another important rule is that the amount of blinds is raised regularly and

as the number of player decreases, the remaining stacks become bigger and then there is the

necessity of increasing the blinds.

First betting / Pre- Flop Action

Once all the players are provided with the hole cards, then the player sitting next to the big blind will

act. He can select any of the three options depending on the cards:

 Call: if his amount matches to the big blind

 Raise: raising the bet up

 Fold: put the cards down

In the last option, the player will not be able to win the hand.

Second Betting/The Flop

After dealing the first three cards, the second round of betting begins. From now on, the first action

will always be made by the player sitting immediate left to the button. Along with the three option

of the first betting round, one another option is made available to the players and that is checking is

any “no betting” has taken place or not. A check means passing the move or action to the next


Third Betting / The Turn

After all the actions on the flop, now the fourth community card will come, which is also known as

“the turn”. And once this round has been completed, other betting rounds will start in the similar

manner. The available options are call, bet, raise, fold and check.

Final Betting / The River

River is the name of fifth community card that comes after all the betting actions have been made

on the turn. After its completion, again the betting rounds will start similarly as that of the previous



When all the betting action is done, the remaining players will expose their hole cards and the

winner will be announced. The winner will be the player having best grouping of the five cards.