Top Destinations Macau

Top Destinations in Macau

Macau is considered as one of the top destinations in the world that offers wonderful attractions and things to do. Macau is also recognized as Las Vegas of Asia as it has some of the opulent casinos and resort in Asia.

No wonder, even though Macau is just few years behind Las Vegas, these days, Macau can even beat Las Vegas for being the capital of casino in the world.

Many tourists does not need to Las Vegas anymore just to play slot machines, roll the dice or choose the winning cards, Macau has everything that you need when it comes to casino and gambling.

On the other hand, casinos and lively nightlife is not just a reason why you have to choose Macau as your trip destination.

This wonderful spot is also a great option if you are looking to discover great location to provide you with the interesting scenes to behold.

A Must See Attractions in Macau

Ruins of St Paul

Number one on the lists is the Ruins of St. Paul, built during the 17th century by Portuguese missionaries in China but in 1835, a fire destroyed the church including the St. Paul’s College.

Today, only remains of the old magnificence of the church and college can be seen.


Senado Square

An original spot for Macau’s urban center all through the decades. It is a popular spot in Macau for celebrations and venues. On the other hand, it more popular for its mosaic colored stones with several great patterns, which is also a legacy of Portuguese to Macau.


Venetian Macau

As one of the largest casinos in the planet, it is become Asia’s most entertaining and exciting designations with top notch facilities and amenities that can go also go head to head with luxurious casinos in Macau.


It has over 3,000 rooms and suites and an opulent Italian marble bathroom with the best luxury to provide. It offers something that Las Vegas cannot provide.

This is an incredible choice for you to assure that you can have the best place to stay while you are in Macau.


A Ma Temple

A temple that is very important to the Macau’s culture and tradition and where Macau gets its name. It is one of the most important spot in Macau as it symbolizes their culture, so it is important to visit this place.


Macau Fisherman’s Wharf

It is situated on the outer harbor of Macau. This is not a theme park but a great location in Macau if you are looking for a great combination of convention, accommodation, entertainment, shopping and dining.

This is a great option for you to be able to look for the best location to experience what Macau has to offer.


Macau Tower

Macau tower soars over 338 meters high. As one of the tallest freestanding towers in the world, it is indeed one of the top destinations in Macau to visit.

Its Outdoor Observation Deck will give you the best opportunity to see Macau’s impressive panoramic view including Hong Kong islands. Included here is the revolving Tower Restaurant, which is an impressive feature of this tower that you should not avoid.


Kun Lam Statue

Another, impressive landmark in Macau is the Goddess of Mercy statue. This statue has a height of 20 meters and it is made of special bronze. Its dome shape base is like a lotus flower. It has an ecumenical center that is all about information in Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism is provided.


Wind and Grand Prix Museum

This is one of the most unique destinations in Asia. This is also an important place as it symbolizes also the right Portuguese tradition and influences.

For Portuguese wine is important for everyday rituals of daily life and tradition. As a matter of fact, the visitors even have the opportunity to taste various types of wines, an ideal means for you to enjoy visiting the area.


While the Grand Prix Museum exhibits some of the displays about world grand prix such as cups, illustrated articles, videos, photos, championship records and other memorabilia. If you are a big fan of Grand Prix then it is a great place to be.


St. Lawrence Church

This is a perfect place to be if you want to witness one of the riches and attractive churches in Macau. St. Lawrence Church is recognized for its impressive decorations and objects that are displayed in the church. It is an incredible option if you are looking for a place in Macau that is recognized for its perfect adornment.


Greyhound Racing

Your stay in Macau would not be complete if you will not witness the racing that usually takes place at Canidrome at Avenida General Castelo Branco. The races are held three times a week.


Guia Fortress

This lighthouse is situated in the heart of the city. It was initially designed to defend the city from sea attacks but due to its position, it is now become an observation post. This eloquently designed lighthouse has the measurement of 91 inches high.


City of Dreams

City of Dreams is also another astonishing spot in Macau that offers electrifying entertainment, several accommodations, local and international dining and designer branding and shopping as well.

With above mentioned top destinations and spots in Macau, it can be said that this city is not just a haven for casino lovers but also for people who really loves to learn the unique culture and tradition of Macau.

As the city has a mixture of influences from Asian and European, the fusion of culture of Macau is quite unique.

Apart from being the best casino destination in Asia, Macau is also the perfect spot if you are looking for a place that offers top notch shopping, restaurants, theaters and others.

With these, Macau is indeed a worthy city to visit. There’s nothing that you can ask for if you visit Macau because they have everything that you are looking for from warm people to wonderful location.